Pitt MOT Program Ranked 6th in the Nation

Master of Science (MS) in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences with a Concentration in Occupational Therapy

Program Overview

The Department of Occupational Therapy offers a post-professional program for occupational therapists with a bachelor’s or an entry-level master’s degree. The program is intended for occupational therapists, educated in the United States or internationally, who are seeking advanced knowledge and skills.

This program is unique in customizing learning to each student’s goals. We work with our students to design an in-depth course of study in their chosen area. Drawing on resources within the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences and the University of Pittsburgh, our students typically focus on one of the following areas:

  • Clinical practice 
  • Management 
  • Education 
  • Research
Pitt occupational therapy students and faculty assess the fit of a custom fabricated splint
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