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Invest in the Future of OT

Your tax-deductible contribution will make an impact.  There are three ways to give to Pitt OT:

Joan C. Rogers Occupational Therapy Student Resource Fund

Awarded to an OT student who demonstrates high-level scholarship, exemplary professionalism, and commitment to advancing the profession.

Caroline Robinson Brayley Student Enrichment Fund

Awarded to OT students to support academic needs, education-related travel, and community outreach.

Department of Occupational Therapy Fund

Awarded to OT students to support academic needs.

To make a contribution, please visit

YOU can make a difference!  See what our student award recipients have to say about the opportunities provided to them through these funds:

"The Department of Occupational Therapy at the University of Pittsburgh provides students with the practical and theoretical foundation to excel. Talented faculty who lead the profession through innovative research and clinical practice challenge students in class to become leaders in the field. In my education, I have asked to gain further knowledge in the process and application of research. Numerous faculty have responded to my request and provided invaluable mentorship. Through these experiences, I have been challenged to expand my perspective of how engagement in meaningful occupations promotes healing, how to measure it in order to contribute to science, and how to apply this knowledge within the bounds of the policies and procedures of our current healthcare and education system.

I am humbled to have been recognized for this honor of the 2017 Joan C. Rogers Occupational Therapy Award and am motivated to continue to make a difference in the wonderful profession of occupational therapy." - Stephanie Rouch, MOT Class of 2017

"The University of Pittsburgh's Occupational Therapy Department has provided me countless opportunities to lead, plan, learn, and assist in occupational activities across the lifespan. Pitt OT focuses on the whole student - personal, social, emotional, and academic development. In return, the program has created a sense of community among the faculty and students. Receiving the Award of Professional Excellence is a great honor. It means the hard work has really paid off, especially from my family, classmates, and professors who have supported me from the very start. The award, for me, is not the end but just the beginning of a lifelong career promoting the distinct value of occupational therapy." - Leah McCarthy, MOT Class of 2017

"The best part of my academic experience with the Department of Occupational Therapy at Pitt has been the opportunities available to me to collaborate and learn from some of the field's most brilliant scientists. I made my interest in research and musculoskeletal disorders known to my adviser and she collaborated with me to gain supplementary research and clinical experience in my area of interest. I was also afforded the opportunity to customize some of my learning experience, incorporating my background and passion for dance and other forms of mind-body exercise into my research pursuits. Receiving the Award of Scholarly Excellence has been an encouragement to me to remain a lifelong learner and contributor to the field of occupational therapy." - Elise Pure, MOT Class of 2017

To view the current list of department award recipients, please visit our Awards and Honors page.