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Deborah Moncrieff has developed new tests for clinical assessment of auditory processing disorder (APD) and has called for an alternative approach in diagnosis to differentiate specific types of auditory processing difficulties. She coined the term "amblyaudia" to characterize a binaural integration type of APD and has developed Auditory Rehabilitation for Interaural Asymmetry (ARIA), a therapeutic approach for remediating children with amblyaudia. She uses electrophysiologic and functional magnetic resonance imaging methods to characterize levels of brain activation during binaural integration tasks in children with amblyaudia. Moncrieff teaches courses on anatomy and physiology of hearing, adult aural rehabilitation, educational audiology, the aging auditory system, and the neuroscience of communication.   


Department of Communication Science & Disorders


Communication Science
Doctor of Philosophy in Communication Science & Disorders
Post-Baccalaureate Year for Communication Science & Disorders