The mission of the PhD Program in Rehabilitation Science is to advance the frontiers of knowledge underlying the practice of rehabilitation disciplines and professions through research, teaching, and professional development.

The PhD is an interdisciplinary degree. Students enter the program through the following SHRS Departments or Programs – Health Information Management, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation Counseling, Rehabilitation Science and Technology, and Sports Medicine.

Graduates of this program will have a specific area of expertise in rehabilitation science as well as a core of interdisciplinary knowledge related to this specific area. They will become the researchers, scholars, teachers, thinkers, and planners in the demanding and changing field of rehabilitation science.

Goals and Core Areas of Study

The primary goals of PhD program in Rehabilitation Science are to:

  • Provide core content in theories and models of rehabilitation, disability and/or assistive technology that underpin rehabilitation science
  • Provide in-depth, state of the science, content in basic, clinical, social, medical and/or engineering sciences that support the dissertation research
  • Provide mentorship opportunities for immersion in rehabilitation science research laboratories, projects, and/or ongoing studies
  • Prepare students to conduct and disseminate original research that will advance rehabilitation science
  • Promote interdisciplinary research in preparation for becoming a research team member
  • Promote knowledge, behaviors and skills consistent with the responsible conduct of research
  • Provide opportunities to teach content in an area of expertise
PhD student conducting research with patient Students doing groupwork in the library
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