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Treadmill Maximal Oxygen Uptake Test

What could you do as a student in the Department of Sports Medicine and Nutrition? You might work alongside researchers to analyze how a baseball player's throwing motion may lead to chronic shoulder injuries, or find ways to help a soccer player prevent an acute anterior cruciate ligament injury. Maybe you would work one-on-one with athletes to examine how diet affects performance, counsel individuals on nutrition and lifestyle changes for health improvement, or help create an appropriate exercise or nutrition regimen for someone with a chronic disease or disability.

What will you do as a graduate of one of our programs? Set the pace for sports medicine and nutrition.

Man out of breath from running


Learn more about our approach to two distinct areas of study: sports medicine/athletic training and dietetics and nutrition. 

Students in lab conducting motion analysis
Performance testing in swimming flume


By combining disciplines, we maximize research capabilities across the University and prepare quality clinicians in the fields of nutrition and sports medicine.