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Pitt SHRS Lends its Expertise During the Time of COVID-19

Looking for some health and wellness tips to get you through the pandemic? Let our leading experts help you. Whether you need healthful advice to nourish the body or mind, SHRS faculty, staff and students got you covered!

Food in Freezer

Eating Healthy

Sparse trips to the grocery store or relying on food delivery may have you feeling unbalanced. Here's how to be sure you're getting the nutrients you need:

Woman with mouse and keyboard

Easing the Tension while Working from Home

Working conditions in your home can be less than ideal and often lead to a stiff neck, poor posture or a sore lower back. Avoid these uncomfortable situations with these "how to" videos provided by our highly-ranked Physical and Occupational Therapy Departments. 

OT student with Children Drawing

Activities for Body and Mind

It's important to keep up daily activities and routines although circumstances may be far from the norm. Check out these tips and activities on how to cope with being forced to stay at home.

Student and Professor Cooking

Maximize Your Time at Home

Staying active and maintaining a healthy diet might seem very difficult while quarantining, but it's more important than ever for your mental and physical health. See what one of our Nutrition students suggests to make the most out of your time at home.

Caregivers for people with IDD

Resources for Caregivers

Because the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many families to stay at home, our experts in the Department of Occupational Therapy have put together these resources for caregivers of children and adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD).