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SHRS Study Abroad Program in Ireland

SHRS offers its undergraduate students a unique study abroad experience. Each summer, a group of select students spends four weeks in Ireland visiting a range of clinical, educational and research settings in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and Dublin, Republic of Ireland. While on site, students observe and discuss practices and policies across a range of health-related disciplines including: audiology, clinical dietetics, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech-language pathology, and athletic training/sports medicine.

Join faculty and students on the SHRS Study Abroad Program in Ireland by using the hashtag #SHRSStudyAbroad on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

For detailed program information, visit the SHRS Study Abroad course in Ireland page on Pitt's Study Abroad web site.


Other Pitt Study Abroad Programs

Pitt offers many international programs with undergraduate coursework related to communication science, medicine, nutrition, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, sports medicine and more. Explore the Pitt Study Abroad Office web site and talk to your advisor for more information on how you can fit study abroad into your curriculum.