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Students in Anatomy Class Dissecting

SHRS: A Community That Values Diversity

SHRS, together with the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC, is a diverse community of students, staff, teachers, researchers and clinicians who teach and learn from each other. 

Pitt's Health Sciences diversity mission creates and supports the needs of a diverse and inclusive community.

We seek to train health and rehabilitation clinicians and researchers who are culturally competent; who value and respect the dignity of others, and who will serve as future leaders to promote inclusive communities. 

How Do We Support Diversity?

At SHRS, we are mindful of our goal to increase and support all types of diversity and to provide equal opportunities for all. We value the richness that diversity brings to our community - a place where we treat each other with respect and mutual regard. We entrust all members of our students, staff and faculty with the privilege and responsibility of upholding and promoting the values of diversity and inclusiveness.

SHRS collaborates with the University of Pittsburgh Office of Disability Resources and Services.  And we participate in efforts throughout the University and beyond, to promote diversity and inclusion.

For more information, please visit the Health Sciences Diversity Office.