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We are currently seeking approval to implement changes to our program that, if approved, would include:

  • reducing the DPT program from 8 terms to 7 terms
  • adding a parallel 7-term hybrid DPT program.

These proposed changes would have minimal impact on the existing curriculum as we have leveraged the use of block-scheduling and restructured some course content within their respective series.

The greatest area of change will occur in clinical education as we would transition to full-time clinical experiences only. We will continue to offer two 6-week clinical experiences and two consecutive 15-week terminal clinical educational experiences. The proposed 42 weeks of full-time clinical experience continues to exceed the CAPTE minimum of 30 full-time weeks.

The proposed 7-term residential and hybrid programs are expected to be full-time and require approximately 50-60 hours of dedicated time per week.

The residential program would continue to operate in the traditional on-campus format which includes weekly lectures and laboratories.

The hybrid program is expected to be divided into didactic (classroom) work and immersion (laboratory) activities.

  • Didactic sessions would occur remotely, taking advantage of asynchronous and synchronous learning activities.
  • Immersion sessions would take place twice per term and require travel to the University of Pittsburgh campus (Pittsburgh, PA) for approximately 6-10 days per immersion. The immersions would be dedicated specifically to laboratory-related skills and testing. There would be approximately 10 immersion periods scheduled across the first 5 terms of the program.

We anticipate receiving a decision from CAPTE related to our request to shorten the DPT program to 7 terms and to add the hybrid DPT program by the end of May 2021. All admitted students will be notified by email of any changes to the program by June 15, 2021. At that time, admitted students will be provided an opportunity to select enrollment in either the residential or hybrid program.

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