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The tuition cost for the Dietitian Nutritionist Program per academic year for students entering Year 1 in August 2022 is $24,038 in-state residents and $43,374 for out-of-state residents. The tuition cost per academic year for students entering Years 2 & 3 in August 2022 is $28,278 for in-state residents and $33,770 for out-of-state residents.   

Additional fees for students include $1,270 Student Fees (student activity, wellness, computing and transportation) and $200 in Clinical Education fees (physical, screenings, CPR etc.).  Additional Professional Program Students’ Mandatory and Optional Financial Considerations are outlined below.

  Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Total Mandatory Student Expenses $445.00 $350.00 $365.00
Total Optional Student Professional Expenses $30.00 – 34.00 $95.00 – 99.00 $30.00 – 34.00





*For an itemized list and detailed explanation of fees please refer to the Dietitian Nutritionist Program Student Handbook


Availability of financial aid varies for each student based on eligibility requirements.  Please see the SHRS Financial Information page for options.  Scholarships are available to all School of Health and Rehabilitation Services students at the University of Pittsburgh students. Please review the Scholarships & Funding webpage. Additional information for scholarship and other financial aid options is available on the SHRS Financial Information page.  There are also scholarship opportunities for members of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  There are no graduate assistantships available for the Dietitian Nutritionist Program.

You may directly contact the Office of Financial Aid for assistance with questions or concerns.