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MSSS student on basketball court

With an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology, Caroline Pellegrini was eager to advance her career with a graduate degree that would allow her to bridge athletics and human performance research. When she found the one-year Master of Science in Sports Science program at the University of Pittsburgh School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (SHRS), it was the perfect fit. 

“I really liked that Pitt’s Sports Science program provided a practicum experience with a team at the University mainly focused on utilizing technology, but also with experience in strength and conditioning,” she explains.  

“Getting hands on experience is so crucial for being prepared to enter the work force upon graduation.” 

Her internship landed her with the Pitt Women’s Basketball team, where she works with the head strength and conditioning coach to implement the use of industry-leading technology like Catapult GPS systems and Hawkins Force Plates.  

Coupled with the engaging classes, the Sports Science curriculum provides a well-rounded learning experience. 

“I am much more of a hands-on learner and absorb information better that way,” says Pellegrini.  
“The classes in the program provide us with the knowledge of the field we are going into, and the internship allows us to apply this information in the real world.” 

Working with a Division I sports team provides a comprehensive experience that has given her “insight into how a performance staff works together every day to help this team reach its highest potential.”  

According to Pellegrini, the program is ideal for students interested in the intersection of sports training and technology who want a fast-paced, hands-on experience. She also appreciates that the program design allows her to save money while still entering the workforce at a higher level in a timely manner. 

“Taking initiative and creating opportunities for yourself is key,” she advises. “With the program only being one year, it is important to take advantage of everything it is offering with regards to the classes and practicum experience.” 

“Keep an open mind to all the learning experiences being offered,” concludes Pellegrini. “The year goes by very fast, but there are so many great opportunities to get involved with during that time!”