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George Carvell is a professor emeritus in the Department of Physical Therapy. Carvell retired from the University of Pittsburgh after 47 years of service. His research interests included: Basic Systems Neuroscience Using the Rat Vibrissae to Barrel Pathway and Vibrissal-Based Active Touch, Effects of Age and Experience on SomatoSensory System Development and Maturation, Effects of Peripheral or Central Nervous System Lesions on Sensorimotor Circuit Structure and Function at Basic and Applied Levels of Investigation, Basic Neuroscience Concepts and Principles as Related to Teaching this Dynamic Content to Non-Neuroscience Students. He is a recipient of the Eugene Michaels New Investigator Award and Chancellors Distinguished Teaching Award. Carvell taught Neuroscience in the Undergraduate Rehabilitation Science, DPT, and MS in Physical Therapy programs and is currently converting his web-based neuroscience educational program: Gray Matter On My Mind (GMOMM) to an ebook. GMOMM is made available to enrolled SHRS students.



Department of Physical Therapy


Doctor of Philosophy in Rehabilitation Science
Doctor of Physical Therapy Residential and Hybrid Program
Post Professional Program in Physical Therapy
Undergraduate Program in Rehabilitation Science

Education & Training

  • PhD, University of Pittsburgh


  • First Traveling Fellowship in Research from the Committee on Research, American Physical Therapy Association, 1978. Recognized at University of Pittsburgh Honors Convocation, March 14, 1978.
  • Faculty sponsor for Ira Silverstein, Chancellor's Undergraduate Teaching Fellowship, 1979.
  • Appointment to Danforth Foundation Associate Program, June 1, 1981 to May 20, 1986, in recognition of efforts in undergraduate teaching. Recognized at University of Pittsburgh Honors Convocation, March 10, 1982.
  • Outstanding Young Man of America Award, 1983.
  • University of Pittsburgh's Chancellor's Distinguished Teacher Award, 1986. Recognized at University of Pittsburgh's Honors Convocation, March 12, 1986.
  • The First Eugene Michels New Investigator Award, American Physical Therapy Association Annual Meeting, Anaheim, CA, 1990. Recognized at University of Pittsburgh Honors Convocation, March 13, 1991.
  • Excellence in Neurology Award from the Neurology Special Interest Group of the Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association at the Annual Conference of the Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association, Lancaster, PA, October, 3, 1998

Representative Publications

Research Interests

  • Systems Neuroscience: Somatosensory, Representation of Active Touch
  • Neuroanatomical
  • Neurophysiological
  • Behavioral Investigations in Somatomotor System of the Whisker Representation Using Rat Model