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The University of Pittsburgh Occupational Therapy Program is ranked 4th in the nation by U.S. News and World Report and is the highest ranked program in Pennsylvania! 

Department Student Awards

  • Markia Ashe (OTD 2020), was awarded the Caroline Robinson Brayley Student Enrichment Award in Occupational Therapy to support educational experiences inside and outside the classroom that will enrich the student experience and promote success in the program and in the profession.
  • Alexa Schreiber (MOT 2018), was awarded the Department of Occupational Therapy Professional Excellence Award for leadership in the promotion of occupational therapy through community service activities.
  • Sarah Walker (MOT 2018), was awarded the Department of Occupational Therapy Scholarly Excellence Award for contributions to occupational therapy research through analysis of predictors of stroke rehabilitation outcomes.
  • Kelly Stipetich (MOT 2018), was awarded the Joan Rogers Student Award for high-level scholastics, exemplary professionalism, and commitment to advancing the occupational therapy profession.

Additional awards and honors are listed on social media - please be sure to check our Facebook page for the latest news on our student award recipients!

Department awards are made possible by contributions from our Pitt OT alumni and friends. For more information on how you can make a difference, and to read what our award recipients have to say, please visit the Ways to Give page.