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Occupational Therapy Program
Resources for Fieldwork Educators


Faculty members at the University of Pittsburgh collaborate with Fieldwork Educators in the community to prepare students to deliver high quality occupational therapy services. We recognize the expertise of Fieldwork Educators and their highly valuable commitment to student education.

Fieldwork Education at PITT

An overview of fieldwork education is provided along with an introduction to Level I and Level II fieldwork for Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD) (entry-level) students and the Clinical Preceptorship for Master of Science (MS) (post-professional) students. 

Curriculum Design

Fieldwork education is a crucial part of professional preparation in occupational therapy. It is integrated as a component of our curriculum design and is an extension of the OTD program in clinical and community settings. The curriculum design of the OTD Program at the University of Pittsburgh is provided here for use as we collaborate in planning a meaningful experience for students.


In our partnership with Fieldwork Educators, we have provided information and links to websites we hope will be helpful to all Fieldwork Educators, new and experienced. Additionally, our Academic Fieldwork Coordinator, Ann Marsico, CScD, MOT, OTR/L, is available and welcomes collaboration on any issue related to fieldwork!