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As an occupational therapist in inpatient rehabilitation, Alexandra witnessed substantial variations in patient outcomes, indicating poor quality of care. She learned first-hand that the quality of care a person receives might be related to who they are, the therapists who provide care and where care is received. Given that there is a body of evidence in rehabilitation regarding evidence-based practice, she started to question (1) why, as a collective group of rehabilitation providers, clinicians are inconsistent in delivering best practice and (2) how clinicians can address these inconsistencies to improve patient outcomes. As such, she decided to pursue a PhD in rehabilitation science with a focus on health service research and implementation science to bridge this gap between research and practice. Her work aims to optimize the quality of post-acute rehabilitation, particularly for individuals with spinal cord injury, by facilitating the development and implementation of stakeholder-engaged research interventions and clinical quality improvement initiatives that promote the consistent delivery of evidence-based practice.


Department of Occupational Therapy


Doctor of Philosophy in Rehabilitation Science

Representative Publications

Research Interests

  • Improving the quality of spinal cord injury post-acute rehabilitation

  • Optimizing the implementation of evidence to practice in post-acute rehabilitation settings

  • Rural-urban disparities in post-acute rehabilitation