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Clinically, Brett is a voice-specialized speech-language pathologist. Conversations around identity, personality, trauma, and mental health in sessions with clients routinely come up. It would be silly to deny that these factors influence one’s voice and communication. However, the more he tried to learn about these relationships, the more he realized that these topics were poorly understood. Leveraging advanced analytic techniques used in quantitative psychology, Brett seeks to understand better the psychological mechanisms underlying the mind-voice connection. By sitting at the intersection of speech-language pathology and psychology, Brett seeks to advance both fields with his research.


Department of Communication Science and Disorders


Doctor of Philosophy in Communication Science and Disorders

Representative Publications

Research Interests

  • Personality and voice disorders
  • Identity and communication
  • Quantitative psychology

Ongoing Projects:

  • Advancing the Trait Theory of Voice Disorders by integrating modern methods used in personality science
  • Investigating which features of a speaker and a listener lead to correct or incorrect judgments about a person’s personality