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Haomin (Leon) did not have a career goal as a developer/engineer after earning his master’s degree, and at the time he did not have a health-related background. From 2018-2019, the developer internship in his lab motivated him to switch tracks from a developer and engineer to a mobile health researcher. The one-year job inspired him to believe that health care could be one of the prior fields where the Internet of Things could be in practice. Technology has the potential to be a suitable tool for rehabilitation and intervention as it’s almost everywhere in life. Meanwhile, the gap exists between research products and commercial products for health. As a result, pursuing a health-related PhD in SHRS is his valuable opportunity to improve health knowledge and apply technology in the health care field from research to practice.


Department of Health Information Management


Doctor of Philosophy in Rehabilitation Science

Representative Publications

Research Interests

  • Internet of Things in health care
    • Digital Health (mHealth, Telehealth), Wearable sensors, Intelligent agents (Alexa, Google Home, Siri)
  • · Novel interventions for family caregivers using technology