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PT Faculty and Staff meeting


The University of Pittsburgh Physical Therapy Data Center is committed to informing evidence-based health care through high quality research studies in rehabilitation. We are integrated among rehabilitation professionals keeping us connected to the goal of improving the lives and independence of all people with a focus on people at risk for or having chronic conditions or disabilities. Our experienced team helps design, conduct, monitor, and analyze single and multi-center studies using best practices in clinical trials and data management. We hold all projects to high methodological standards from design to dissemination. The University of Pittsburgh Physical Therapy’s team provides a wide range of services to meet our mission of improving health care through high quality research.


The Physical Therapy Data Center is committed to high quality data collection and data analysis for single center and multicenter studies in health and rehabilitation sciences. 

Services include:

  • Determining standard data elements appropriate for the population and interventions being studied
  • Designing and standardizing data collection instruments
  • Developing, testing, and maintaining secure electronic data capture systems with real-time validation
  • Training study teams on data entry
  • Monitoring data quality and changes of ongoing studies
  • Creating and maintaining data dictionary
  • Creating data sets for statistical analyses
  • Creating enrollment and safety reports for study teams and committees including Data and Safety Monitoring Boards
  • Conducting final trial analyses using best practices guidelines for reporting
  • Assisting with compliance to data sharing agreements per funding agency requirements
  • Assisting with completion for clinical trials

Data Management

Our data team collaborates with researchers to ensure the data integrity and security. We build systems with thorough logic and real-time validation and we train study teams on data collection instruments and entry. We provide reports to assist teams with monitoring study implementation and data quality.

Data Analysis

Our biostatisticians and analysts help answer research questions by using tradition data analysis as well as newer statistical techniques. This includes providing in-depth analysis as well as up to data visualizations and reports.


We believe in building technology that is easy to use, reliable, and efficient. Our analysts use modern user interfaces and secure practices to help ensure accurate and safe data. We build web applications and reporting to fully capture the data generated from the protocol and the needs of researchers responsible for implementation.

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