Rehabilitation Science (RS) Overview

This Bachelor of Science degree is designed to prepare students for graduate education in occupational therapy, physical therapy, rehabilitation counseling, rehabilitation technology, wellness and human performance, physician's assistant studies, prosthetics and orthotics, and other areas of health care.

Undergraduate Rehabilitation Science Certificates

The undergraduate program in Rehabilitation Science (RS) offers undergraduate certificates for RS students planning to pursue graduate programs in the rehabilitation and health sciences or seeking a concentration of courses in a particular rehabilitation science area.  These certificates are designed to prepare students for such graduate programs but are not required for application to them. 

The undergraduate Rehabilitation Science certificates are listed below. The requirements for each follow.

Assistive Technology in Rehabilitation

Pathokinesiology in Rehabilitation

Psycho-Social Issues in Rehabilitation and Personal Care

Undergraduate Research

SHRS Honors College BPhil. Degree 

 Students doing Groupwork

A group of students observe an anatomical model of a human skull.

Students studying Bones

This student is checking her classmate’s knee for injury.

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