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This certificate will prepare students for graduate programs such as prosthetics and orthotics or rehabilitation technology.  It will also provide the coursework and some of the clinical hours needed to satisfy the requirements for the RESNA (formerly Rehabilitation Engineering Society of North America) Assistive Technology Supplier certification.    

Required Courses 

REHSCI 1200       Human Anatomy (4 cr)
REHSCI 1205       Human Physiology (4 cr)
Or other approved human anatomy and physiology course sequence

HRS 1701            Introduction to Orthotics and Prosthetics (2 cr)

HRS 1704            Introduction to Assistive Technology (3 cr)

HRS 1706            Introduction to Rehabilitation Engineering Design (4 cr)

REHSCI 1210       Neuroscience (4 cr)  -OR-
PSY 0505             Introduction to Biopsychology (3 cr)  -OR-
NROSCI 1000       Introduction to Neuroscience (3 cr)  

REHSCI 1220       Kinesiology/Biomechanics (3 cr)

REHSCI 1290       Practical Issues in Disability  (3 cr)  -OR-
HRS 1017             Introduction to Epidemiology (3 cr)  -OR-
HRS/PSY 1052     Topics in Clinical Psychology: Rehabilitation Psychology
                                      and Disability  (3 cr)  -OR-
IL 1580                 Foundations of Special Education (3 cr)  -OR-
IL 1562                 Assessment: Young Children with Disabilities (3 cr)   -OR-
PSYED 1012        Developmental Disabilities (3 cr)

REHSCI 1275       Introduction to Occupation Science (3 cr)

REHSCI 1296       ATR Field Experience (3 cr)

Total Certificate Credits = 32-33