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Academic Holds are now lifted by your Departments - Please check with your Department Administrators on their procedures

Cross Registration with other institutions Using the (PCHE form) Pittsburgh Council on Higher Education

The new cross-registration form, as well as the instructions for completing the form can be found at: New PCHE Form Website

Please note that students will need to bring the signed form to the Dean's office for processing; the form should not be submitted online, as it will contain sensitive data.

FTDI (Full Time Dissertation Study)  FTDI 0000

Students must be finished taking all coursework before beginning to enroll in FTDI and will then remain enrolled as FTDI until graduation. FTDI is 0 credits but students are considered full time and pay a lower flat tuition rate of $870. 

permission number is required to enroll in FTDI. Please have your advisor email Debby Keelan at to grant you permission.

CRN# for FTDI 0000 for 2017  

Spring (2174) - #14348

Summer (2177) - TBD

  • 6 Week 1 - #12595
  • 6 Week 2 - #12596
  • Full Summer Term - #12591