Welcome from the SHRS Alumni Society

The SHRS Alumni Society: 

• promotes the welfare, interests and professions of the School and University
• advances the interests of alumni
• provides assistance to current SHRS students

In an effort to keep SHRS alumni connected, the SHRS Alumni Society supports alumni/faculty/student receptions at various professional meetings and conferences. And SHRS alumni take part in the annual Pathway to Professions, the University’s largest career fair connecting graduating seniors with successful alumni from across the country. These events provide an excellent networking opportunity for current and recently graduated students to meet with alumni who are practicing in their chosen professional fields.

The SHRS Alumni Society also plays a critical role in advancing financial assistance opportunities for deserving students through Society members’ contributions to School and department-based scholarships.

SHRS alumni also contribute to the success of SHRS programs by providing internship opportunities for students in programs that include a clinical education, field experience or research requirement. Year after year, our alumni serve as clinical supervisors and research mentors providing unmatched opportunities for our emerging professionals. It is through these connections that we are able to offer the latest and greatest in patient care skill development, technology and cutting edge research which has contributed to the status of SHRS as THE leader among schools of its kind in the country.

Please continue to stay involved with SHRS in whatever capacity you can to offer your talents for the continued betterment of the School. We seek representation from those in all of our diverse departments and programs. We encourage anyone with an inclination of becoming a more active member in the SHRS Alumni Society to make your desires known to us so that we can take greater advantage of the particular gifts you have to offer.

Hail to Pitt!

To become involved in the SHRS Alumni Society, please contact:

Kate Rubino     Kate Gaunt
     Alumni Relations Coordinator
     302.2 Medical Arts Building



SHRS 40th Anniversary Celebration Alumni Award Recipients 2

CSD Alumni Group Photo from Alumni Reception

AT/SM Alumni Group Photo outside of Heinz Field

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