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University of Pittsburgh Football Athletic Training Facility

Admission Requirements

The following courses represent the prerequisites to be completed during the pre-professional phase of the athletic training program:

  • Foundations of Biology/Lab (BIOSC 0150/0050), 4 credits
  • General Chemistry/Lab (CHEM 0110), 4 credits
  • Introduction to Physics (PHYS 0110), 3 credits
  • Mathematics (MATH 0031), 3 credits
  • Statistics (STAT 0200 or STAT 1000), 3-4 credits
  • Psychology (PSY 0010), 3 credits
  • Developmental Psychology (PSY 0310), 3 credits
  • English Composition (ENGCMP 0200 minimum), 3 credits
  • Writing Intensive Course (ENGCMP 0400 recommended), 3 credits
  • Public Speaking (COMMRC 0520), 3 credits
  • Basic Athletic Training (ATHLTR 1811), 3 credits
  • Basic Athletic Training Lab (ATHLTR 1812), 1 credit
  • Humanities and Social Sciences Electives,  6 credits from:
    • Anthropology
    • Economics
    • English Literature/Writing
    • Foreign Languages
    • History
    • Music
    • Performing and Visual Arts
    • Philosophy
    • Religion
    • Sociology

Earning an undergraduate degree in Athletic Training is divided into two two-year phases: pre-professional and professional. In order to advance from the pre-professional to the professional phase, students must satisfy the following:

  • 43 credits of required prerequisite course work 
  • 17 additional credits of elective course work
  • Grades of C- or better (C for transfer) in all prerequisite course work with the exception of ATHLTR 1811 and ATHLTR 1812, where a grade of B or better must be earned
  • EMT certification through course for credit or other qualified course leading to EMT credential
  • Minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 based on a 4.0 scale
  • Clinical Observation hours under the direct supervision of an Athletic Trainer (not to be completed prior to enrollment in ATHLTR 1811 & 1812)
    • 45 clinical observation hours under the direct supervision of a certified athletic trainer at the University of Pittsburgh
    • ​20 clinical observation hours outside the University of Pittsburgh and under the direct supervision of a certified athletic trainer at a high school
  • Submit admissions application including technical standards for admission document
  • Personal interview with athletic training faculty

Application Procedures

Application Deadline: March 15

Pitt Students (including regional campuses)

Complete the SHRS ApplyYourself application. 

Transfer Students

Transfer students must apply to the University of Pittsburgh by completing the Office of Admission and Financial Aid's Transfer Application and selecting Athletic Training as their intended field of study. All admission criteria applies to transfer students in the same way as students enrolled at the Pittsburgh campus. Students with prior athletic training experience seeking to transfer to the University of Pittsburgh for admission to the Athletic Training Education Program must complete the same prerequisite requirements as all other candidates including the Basic Athletic Training (ATHLTR 1811) and Basic Athletic Training Lab (ATHLTR 1812) courses and all observation hours. If admitted to the program, all students must complete University of Pittsburgh core athletic training courses. In some instances, credit may be given for other coursework taken at another institution and will be evaluated on an individual case basis. International transfer students click here.

All applicants must:

  • Submit an essay discussing when and how you became interested in the field and program to which you are applying, any work or volunteer experience you have that will demonstrate your awareness of the field and your long-term professional goals;
  • Submit one letter of recommendation from a college instructor/professor, academic advisor, supervisor or employer, etc;
  • Submit official transcripts from all institutions from which they have college credits. Current University of Pittsburgh students do not need to provide their University of Pittsburgh transcript, and can request copies of transcripts previously submitted to Pitt from their current school. Students currently at the Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences can obtain copies of non-Pitt transcripts from the Office of Student Records, 140 Thackeray Hall, and drop them off in the SHRS Admissions Office, 4020 Forbes Tower.  

Additional Information

Please note that this program requires students to complete clinical education experiences at facilities both on and off the University campus and will require criminal background checks, Act 33/34 clearances and perhaps a drug screen prior to participation in clinical education. The results of these requirements may limit and potentially eliminate placement options for the student which can, in turn, result in an inability to meet graduation requirements.  Additionally, conviction of a misdemeanor, felony, or felonious or illegal act may prevent the student from becoming credentialed and/or licensed to practice in the field.

Students are required to provide their own transportation to and from the off-campus clinical education sites.  All costs incurred as a part of the clinical education experience are the responsibility of the ATS. Please be advised that some clinical sites are not accessible by public transportation.

More clinical information can be found here.