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AT Students conducting Evaluations in Class


Coursework for the undergraduate degree in athletic training is divided into two two-year phases. During their freshman and sophomore years, students follow the pre-professional curriculum. During their last two years, students follow the professional curriculum.

Pre-professional Phase

During the pre-professional phase students complete prerequisite and general education courses along with specific Athletic Training related prerequisites

Professional Phase

The following courses, to be completed in your third and fourth years of study, are considered the professional phase of the degree. The course sequence is identical for all athletic training students in the junior and senior years:

Junior Year, First Term

Junior Year, Second Term

Senior Year, First Term

Senior Year, Second Term

(1) Requires successful completion of Human Anatomy and Lab (REHSCI 1200) 
(2) Requires successful completion of Injury Evaluation and Treatment 1 (ATHLTR 1821) 
(3) Requires successful completion of Human Physiology and Lab (REHSCI 1205) 
(4) Requires successful completion of preceding Practicum course