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Tuition and Fees

Entry Point 1: Accelerated BS-MS in Athletic Training

Students enrolled and accepted into the Accelerated (BS-MS) in Athletic Training degree program, will pay undergraduate tuition and fees for the first 6 semesters and will then pay graduate tuition and fees for the last 2 semesters of the program.

Entry Point 2: MS in Athletic Training

Students enrolled and accepted into the MS in Athletic Training degree program, will pay graduate tuition and fees for all semesters of the program.

Summer Tuition (Entry Point 2 Only)

Students will be billed on a per-credit basis for the summer term (first semester).
For the Summer Term of year one, the tuition is the University per graduate credit rate x 1 credit.

Information regarding tuition and mandatory University fees is maintained by the University of Pittsburgh Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer, and information on determining residency status can be found at the Student Payment Center: Pennsylvania Tuition Rate Eligibility site.

Additional Costs

The following includes a list of items that will (may) be a component of a student’s academic and clinical education experience. In all cases it is the responsibility of the student to pay these additional costs:

  • Textbooks, etc. – varies

  • Clinical Attire – limited amounts of branded apparel will be provided to each student at no cost. Purchasing additional clinical attire will be the financial responsibility of each student.  Costs will vary. 

  • Physical Examination/Health Insurance/ Vaccinations - varies 

  • Transportation to Off-Campus Affiliated Settings

    • Off-Campus sites are within 25 mi of Oakland campus 

    • Approximate cost for travel to off-campus sites – ($550)

      • Cost calculated based on estimated vehicle mileage x estimated gas rate for 5 days per week x 15 weeks 

  • Background Checks

    • PA Criminal Records Check - ($22.00)

    • PA Child Abuse History Clearance - ($13.00)

    • FBI Federal Criminal History Record (Dept of Human Services) - ($22.60) 

  • ATSA Student Membership dues – ($20.00)

  • BOC Certification Exam Application/Registration Fees – ($375.00)

    • $75 application fee (NATA student member discounted rate)

  • Pre-professional phase – ($150.00)

  • Year 1 Professional Phase – ($150.00)

  • Year 2 Professional Phase – ($150.00)

Financial Assistance

Financial aid information is available from the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid.

Withdraw/Refund Policies

Information regarding resignation, withdrawal and Title IV refunds can be found on the following site: Student Payment Center: Tuition Adjustments.