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Coursework for the professional MS in Athletic Training program is divided into two phases: Pre-Professional Phase and the Professional Phase. Students applying for the Accelerated MS in Athletic Training program (entry point 1) will complete prerequisite coursework during the first two years of their undergraduate degree. At the conclusion of their sophomore year, students will apply to the Accelerated MS in Athletic Training program. Upon successful application and acceptance into the program, students will complete one year (two semesters) of pre-professional curriculum. During their last two years, students will complete the professional curriculum. 

Students who have already achieved a bachelor's degree and have met the prerequisite requirements (entry point 2) will apply to the MS in Athletic Training program and upon acceptance, will complete the professional curriculum.

Pre-professional Phase (Entry Point 1 Only)

During the pre-professional phase students complete prerequisite and general education courses along with specific Athletic Training-related prerequisites. 

Pre-Professional Phase (Entry Point 2 Only)

Professional Phase (Entry Points 1 & 2)

The following courses are to be completed in four semesters and are graduate-level curriculum. 

View previous curriculum information for all students admitted prior to 2021.