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Many of the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (SHRS) clinical partners require employees, trainees and students to be compliant with health and safety requirements. Failure to comply with these requirements for our clinical partners may preclude SHRS students from completing the clinical requirements of their program. Some SHRS clinical partners will not permit students to complete clinical rotations without proof of vaccination and will not accept exemptions. Students who are unable or unwilling to complete these requirements may limit their options for clinical rotations/experiences which may require extended time in the program and potentially delay graduation. The list below represents the common, necessary requirements as specified by most of our clinical partners.  

Please note that these requirements are not inclusive, are subject to change and may differ for each program.

Please reach out to your clinical coordinator for questions or additional requirement resources.  

Health and Immunizations:

These may incur a fee and may not be covered by insurance plans. Students are responsible for covering fees if they are not covered by insurance. 

  • COVID-19 Vaccination or SHRS exemption 
  • Annual Flu Immunization or SHRS exemption 
  • Verification of Hepatitis B Vaccine Series and/or titer 
  • Verification of Measles vaccination and/or titer 
  • Verification of Mumps vaccination and/or titer 
  • Verification of Rubella vaccination and/or titer  
  • Current Tdap Booster 
  • TB Test 
  • Varicella: History of Disease, 2 Vaccine Series, or titer 
  • Physical Examination with medical clearance to participate in clinical/field rotations 
  • Attestation of health insurance coverage 


These may incur a fee. Students are responsible for covering fees. 

  • CPR certification – some sites only accept American Heart Association certification 
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Training 
  • HIPAA Training 
  • Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse Mandated Reporter Training 


These may incur a fee. Students are responsible for covering fees. 

  • PA Child Abuse History Clearance 
  • PA Criminal History Clearance 
  • FBI Criminal History Fingerprinting Clearance 
  • National Sex Offender Registry Clearance 
  • 10 panel drug screen (for some clinical sites) 
  • Federal List of Excluded Individuals/Entities  

Individual clinic sites may require additional clearances, immunizations, titers or drug screenings.  


This information is current as of 02/15/2024 and is subject to change based on the requirements of our clinical partners.