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The Clinical Science Doctorate (CScD) in Occupational Therapy is an advanced practice doctoral program for occupational therapists with entry-level Bachelor's or Master's degrees. The program is intended for occupational therapists, educated in the United States or internationally, who are seeking advanced knowledge and skills. Today’s occupational therapists need advanced training to support clinical specialization, clinical education and professional leadership because . . .

  • The rapidly increasing and changing knowledge base, as well as greater independence in clinical practice, requires more advanced and in-depth knowledge.
  • The emergence of new models of care, with concomitant rising consumer concerns, have forced a change in the practice of occupational therapy, necessitating more rigorous plans of study with increased clinical focus and exposure.
  • The profession has a high demand for highly-qualified occupational therapy practitioners in a variety of specialty areas, as well as the critical need for doctorally-prepared faculty nationwide.
  • The evolving changes in health care systems require occupational therapy professionals who understand the increasing complexity of health care delivery, which in turn requires additional leadership and management skills.

The CScD in Occupational Therapy program addresses these needs by providing coursework, discussion-based colloquia and hands-on practical experiences addressing the most current theories and evidence as well as up-to-date assessment and intervention methods.

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Learn more about the areas of concentration offered to students in the CScD OT program. 

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Review detailed admission requirements for applicants to the CScD OT program. 

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View the plans of study for each area of concentration wthin the CScD OT program.

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