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Challenge yourself to be a forward-thinking leader in OT.

As an occupational therapy professional, you understand the complexity of today’s health care environment and the need to continually create the best possible experiences for your clients. Our post-professional Doctor of Clinical Science (CScD) in Occupational Therapy program, delivered 100% online, empowers occupational therapists all over the world to develop advanced leadership skills, implement evidence into practice and transform both clients’ lives and the profession of occupational therapy. Our highly personalized curriculum ensures that coursework is tailored to each student’s professional interests and goals.

Online CScD in Occupational Therapy students will be able to complete the 72-credit degree* program on a part-time basis, earning their degree in a minimum of 28 months.

The online CScD in Occupational Therapy program is designed to prepare eligible or already credentialed or licensed individuals to practice clinically with competencies above and beyond those expected of entry-level professionals. These students develop advanced skills to identify and implement evidence in clinical practice, as well as professional communication, leadership and clinical teaching skills. This program provides a foundation for moving into leadership positions in clinical, community and educational settings.

*Applicants may have the opportunity to transfer up to 30 credits of master's-level coursework to the CScD in Occupational Therapy program, lowering the required number of credits to earn the CScD in Occupational Therapy degree to 42 credits. This is subject to the university’s approval.

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