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On February 25, 2020 the University of Pittsburgh will hold its annual Day of Giving. This special day, through the power of social media, allows members of the community - University alumni, friends, faculty, staff and students - to give to the schools, departments, projects or initiatives that are most meaningful to them. 

Please join us by making a gift, of any size, to the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. Together, we have the power to transform the lives of our students through scholarship donations, to impact patient care through research funding, and to advance the mission and values of our school through general support. 

To learn how Pitt's Day of Giving works, please visit the University's website and follow us on SHRS Social Media.

2019 Day of Giving Results
SHRS took first place in the Schools and Colleges Donor Participation Challenge, securing an additional $25,000 in bonus funds! The Human Engineering Research Labs took second place in the Pitt Programs and Experiences Challenge and won $15,000 in bonus funds. Thank you to all those who participated and helped us reach the top!

2018 Day of Giving Results
SHRS finished in 4th place amongst the 16 different schools and colleges participating in the Day of Giving, securing an additional $10,000 for student-alumni programming! The Human Engineering Research Labs led the Pitt Programs and Experiences Challenge throughout the day and clinched the top spot with an impressive 176 donors. HERL will receive $30,000 in prize money for their efforts!

2017 Day of Giving Results
Thank you to all SHRS alumni and friends for helping SHRS take second place in the Schools challenge and first in the Pitt Experience Challenge for our Athletic Training Panther Pack Project during Pitt's First Day of Giving! Because of your generosity, SHRS received $20,000 in bonus funds and Athletic Training received $25,000!