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The Health Informatics certificate and Master of Science programs are housed within the Department of Health Information Management.

Certificates Program Summary

12 credits (full or part-time)

Program starts in the fall, spring and summer

1-2 terms

Average class size: varies

Master of Science Program Summary

36 credits (full or part-time)

In-person program starts in the fall only. Online program starts in the fall, spring and summer.

1-2 years

Average class size: varies

Learning Outcomes

HI graduates stand out as applied health informaticians who can immediately apply their knowledge through modern technologies and critical thinking skills to:

  • Effectively communicate with health industry stakeholders (including administrators, clinicians, governmental/regulatory bodies, health care workforce, IT, patients, payers, providers, researchers, and suppliers/vendors) by interpreting and exemplifying ideas through technical and industry-specific language.
  • Proactively identify needs and opportunities through a variety of techniques related to access, care, clinical outcomes, cost, patient satisfaction and engagement, and quality in the health care system.
  • Leverage technical knowledge and skills and industry best practices to propose creative technology-based informatics solutions–such as databases and IT infrastructures–to improve patient care.
  • Support clinical and health care business decision-making through the use of data analytics and research; exhibiting an ability to collect, analyze, and interpret results and a familiarity with analytical tools.
  • Lead working groups and organizations through the use of appropriate oral and written communication, peer collaboration, and project management.
  • Grow and adapt with a rapidly evolving industry through a combination of continuing education, research, and professional development.

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Online MSHI Program Ranked #4

The online MS in Health Informatics (MSHI) program was ranked #4 for Best Online Master's in Healthcare Analytics programs by The Data Science and Health Services Analytics tracks were ranked according to a weighted algorithm that considers quality, reputation and cost.

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