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The General Health Informatics (HI) track prepares students for the evaluation and management of health information technologies and systems. Graduates of this track analyze, design and evaluate health information systems. They may also perform data analytics projects to improve the quality of health care and reduce the cost of health care services. Students enrolled full-time can complete the program in three to four consecutive terms.

There are online and on-campus versions of this track. The curriculum and course contents are identical in these two versions. Domestic students can choose either of them according to their situation or preference before the enrollment. International students are required to attend the on-campus version of the track.

HI Curriculum Requirements

All students enrolled in the Health Informatics track are required to complete 36 credits. Courses are chosen with the advisor and a Plan of Study will be developed to enable each student to design an in-depth study of Health Informatics taking into account student’s previous academic preparation and experience.

Around half of our courses are only offered once per academic year. In this case, if a student fails to successfully complete a course, the student must retake the course the next academic year. Furthermore, this may also prevent the student from registering for the advanced-level courses and delay the date of graduation. 

The Health Informatics curriculum allows students to choose from required courses and elective courses. Five elective courses are required to be chosen from courses offered in the department, two elective courses can be chosen from courses offered in the department, other departments in the SHRS or other academic programs within the University.

Curriculum for Students who Entered Before Spring 2021

Curriculum Effective Spring 2021

Required Health Informatics Courses (12 credits)

  • HI 2210 - Health Information and the Health Care System
  • HI 2250 - Foundations of Health Informatics
  • HI 2020 - Practical Statistics and Programming Using Python and R
  • HI 2451 - Database Design and Big Data Analytics or 
  • HI 2455 - Database Design and Management for Healthcare

Elective Courses (24 credits)

  • HI 2410 - Health Vocabulary, Terminology and Classification Systems
  • HI 2450 - Security, Privacy, Legal and Ethical Issues in Health IT
  • HI 2452 - Digital Health
  • HI 2454 - Data Science in Health Informatics
  • HI 2632 - Leadership and Project Management
  • HI 2650 - Practical Research and Evaluation Methods
  • HI 2231 - Talent Management and Human Resources
  • HI 2230 - Financial Management and Health Care Reimbursement
  • HI 2236 - Quality and Performance Improvment in Healthcare: Methodologies, Core Skills, and Lean Green Belt Certification
  • HI 2456 - Healthcare IT Trends and Innovation
  • HI 2670 - Health Informatics Capstone/Internship

Please note: All students are required to finish one course in medical terminology if they do not have that course or clinical background. Pitt offers a Coursera course in Medical Terminology that can meet this program requirement. However, the student can choose another medical terminology course as well.