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Push the Edge of What's Possible

Renowned faculty keep you ahead of the curve in our Rehabilitation Technology Master’s so you gain a thorough understanding of the practical applications behind rehabilitation technology. Through our flexible online Master’s in Rehab Tech, you’ll learn to assess the applications of assistive devices, participate in hands-on clinical training and work directly with end-users in this rehabilitation master’s centered around technology while also learning online. Thanks to specialized course credits in clinical rehab, you’ll reduce the number of work hours required to obtain Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America’s (RESNA) Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) credential. Already working in rehab or assistive tech as a supplier or specialist? Let us help you advance your career!

You’ll graduate prepared to assume professional responsibilities in a variety of settings, not limited to the rehab clinic or to assisted rehab technology. As an Assistive Technology Professional or a budding rehabilitation engineer, you may provide the next best power wheelchair, smart home technology to support people in age in place, adaptive sports and driving devices or video gaming equipment. As a service leader, you may have the chance to see clients with disabilities or older adults benefit from your company’s products. The opportunities are unlimited for energetic young professionals who are dedicated to helping others. Learn about our new AccelerATe Scholarships available now! Similar to other rehab professions like occupational therapy, physical therapy, recreational therapy, speech-language pathology, health informatics and other jobs which require Healthcare or Clinical Rehab or Technology Master’s degrees, employment is in high-demand and you will receive a competitive salary as a rehab technologist. You may also be interested in rehab tech if you have a background or interest in bioengineering, mechanical engineering, medical device or industrial design, public health, special education or information systems, among many other fields!