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We offer students several funding opportunities through pre-doctoral fellowships, teaching assistantships and scholarships. Each are dependent on available funds. View additional school-wide opportunities here

AccelerATe Scholarship

  • Applicants to the MRT and P&O programs can apply for the Department's AccelerATe Scholarship. Here's how.

​Pre-Doctoral Fellowships

These fellowships are available to students enrolled in the 4-term plan of study who are willing to work 20 hours per week on projects while taking up to 9 credits per term. The number and availability of these fellowships varies and is dependent on faculty who need assistance to carry out their research or projects. Potential students should mention their interest in research or other projects in their personal statement when completing their application. Students are encouraged to apply early in the Spring term (January or February) if they are interested in fellowship opportunities. Criteria for the selection of students to receive fellowships may include:

  • Research experience or research interest as described in the personal statement
  • Competitive undergraduate GPA 
  • Relevant academic background to specific projects that have funds available

Examples of current projects or labs include: 

Teaching Assistantships

Teaching Assistantships are routinely available to students in their second year of study for courses they have already successfully completed.  

Other Scholarships

Partial tuition scholarships are available and dependent on funds available to the program. Criteria for these funds may include the following: 

  • Financial need 
  • Academic merit
  • Representation of an underrepresented group (e.g. student with a disability, from a disadvantaged background, or racial or ethnic minorities)