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Admission Requirements

Completion of the following courses for a letter grade:                                               

  • Foundations of Biology 1, BIOSC 0150, 3 credits
  • Foundations of Biology Lab 1, BIOSC 0050, 1 credit
  • Foundations of Biology 2, BIOSC 0160, 3 credits
  • Introduction to Microbiology, BIOSC 1850, 3 credits*
  • General Chemistry 1 with Lab, CHEM 0110, 4 credits
  • General Chemistry 2 with Lab, CHEM 0120, 4 credits
  • Organic Chemistry 1, CHEM 0310, 3 credits
  • Organic Chemistry 2, CHEM 0320, 3 credits
  • English Composition, ENGCMP 0200, 3 credits
  • Research Writing or Intensive Writing Course, ENGCMP 0450, 3 credits
  • Algebra or Higher Math, MATH 0031, 3 credits
  • Introduction to Psychology, PSY 0010, 3 credits
  • Genetics, BIOSC 0350, 3 credits**
  • Statistics, STAT 0200 or STAT 1000, 4 credits
  • Introduction to Human Nutrition, HRS 1006 or NUTR 1006, 3 credits

*Students can also take HRS 1025 Introduction to Microbiology instead of BIOSC 1850 or they can take NUR 0031 Microbiology and NUR 0032 Microbiology Lab instead of BIOSC 1850/BIOSC 1855.

**Genetics can be taken prior to entering the program or after having entered the program.

Additional Requirements

  • Required credits for admission: 60 (Applications may be submitted while prerequisite coursework is in progress.)
  • Minimum cumulative and prerequisite GPA of 2.5 (based on 4.0)
  • A minimum grade of C- in all courses designated as prerequisites taken at the University of Pittsburgh; a C or better is required for transfer.

Application Procedures

Application Deadline: March 15
​Early applicants welcome. Application review begins in January.

Pitt Students (including regional campuses)

Complete the SHRS ApplyYourself Application.

Transfer Students

Transfer students must apply to the University of Pittsburgh by completing the Office of Admission and Financial Aid's Transfer Application and selecting Nutrition Science as their intended field of study. International transfer students click here.

All applicants must:

  • Submit a personal essay—a brief statement discussing why you are interested in nutrition science, your professional goals including how and when you became interested in nutrition science, as well as any work or volunteer experience you have that will demonstrate your awareness of the field. Also include other areas of interest, extra-curricular activities and leadership experiences.
  • Resumes are strongly recommended.
  • Submit one letter of recommendation. A recommendation from a college instructor/professor or recent work or volunteer supervisor is preferred.
  • Submit official transcripts from all institutions from which they have college credits. Current University of Pittsburgh students do not need to provide their University of Pittsburgh transcript, and can request copies of transcripts previously submitted to Pitt from their current school. Students currently at the Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences can obtain copies of non-Pitt transcripts from the Office of Student Records, 140 Thackeray Hall, and drop them off in the SHRS Admissions Office, 4020 Forbes Tower.
  • Have an interview with the nutrition faculty. Qualified applicants will be contacted to schedule an interview.

Additional Information

Suggested Courses:
These are not prerequisites for our program but are strongly suggested for students because they are prerequisites for other professional degrees. Some of these courses may be taken after entering the Nutrition Science program.

  • Foundations of Biology Lab 2, BIOSC 0067/0068, 1 credit
  • Microbiology Lab, BIOSC 1855, 1 credit
  • Organic Chemistry 2 Lab, CHEM 0345, 2 credits
  • Introduction to Physics 1, PHYS 0110, 3 credits
  • Introduction to Physics 2, PHYS 0111, 3 credits
  • Introduction to Lab Physics, PHYS 0212, 2 credits