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PhD Advisor: Dr. Amit Sethi

Reason for pursuing PhD in SHRS: 

My interest in pursuing a degree in adult neurorehabilitation is very timely as motor rehabilitation after stroke is critical worldwide. Stroke is a serious cause of long-term disability, and in many cases, the failure to improve motor function in individuals with stroke results from a shortage of knowledge about evidence-based interventions to improve motor function after stroke. I aspire to discover mechanism-informed evidence-based interventions to help individuals with neurological impairments recover upper-extremity function. This will address the shortcomings of current methods in treating post-stroke patients, which will significantly help to reduce disability after stroke. After completing my PhD at the University of Pittsburgh, I plan to return to my country and use my knowledge to facilitate the development of the adult neurorehabilitation field.



Department of Occupational Therapy


Doctor of Philosophy in Rehabilitation Science

Research Interests

  • Motor Recovery after stroke