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Jennifer White is an assistant professor within the Department of Occupational Therapy. She received her Master of Occupational Therapy from the University of Washington and her Clinical Science Doctorate in Occupational Therapy with a concentration in Clinical Education from the University of Pittsburgh. She has 17+ years of clinical experience in occupation-based inpatient rehabilitation and acute care services. Her expertise is in the development and management of both early mobilization programs for clients requiring intensive care services and community-based occupational therapy services for underserved populations. She serves as the faculty mentor for the University of Pittsburgh’s Student Occupational Therapy Association and the Coalition of Occupational Therapy Advocates for Diversity.


Department of Occupational Therapy


Doctor of Occupational Therapy
Post Professional Program in Occupational Therapy

Research Interests

  • Identifying Barriers and Facilitators to Performance of Meaningful Activities After Critical Illness
  • The Expansion of Occupational Therapy Services in Primary Care, Clinical Education
  • Development of Community-based Occupational Therapy Services for Underserved Populations