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Dr. Durrant is an emeritus professor of Communication Science and Disorders. Having earned clinical certification in Audiology, he came to direct hearing clinics in the medical schools of Temple University and (subsequently) the University of Pittsburgh, Department of Otolaryngology, but lastly, as the vice-chair of CSD, served out his quarter-century-plus career at Pitt in his academic homeland. He also had a stint (part-time) at the Université Lyon I (France) as an associated professor of medical physiology and has enjoyed a long-time collaboration and presently serves (part-time) as a research scientist with an audiology-instrumentation manufacturer--Intelligent Hearing Systems (Miami). The latter are in deference to a career-long dedication to his own education, education of others, and clinical work and research in physiological acoustics, especially clinical electrophysiology. He credits gratefully Pitt’s robust resources for and encouragement of inter-department collaboration and beyond, and for the spirit that still motivates him to ‘keep a hand in the business,’ both nationally and internationally.


Department of Communication Science and Disorders