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Joe is a communications and graphic design specialist for the Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology. Joe joined the RST family in October 1999 and has 37 years of professional experience in the field of graphic design and communications.

His responsibilities include many areas of graphic design as well as different solutions related to communications. His skillset also includes technical support, video recording and production and photography.

In addition to the core areas he supports, he has led and supported special projects within RST. Some of the special projects include the research, development and implementation of:

  • Data asset management system (DAM) for the RST department, as well as school-wide, adopted the system. 
  • Develop and deploy a custom database system for the continuing education program within the RST department.
  • Custom graphics related to programs and grants for use in print, digital and social media.
  • Transition the RST department from stand-alone data storage system to a Windows Office 365 solution.

Joe has been involved in the Kairos prison ministry on a local and state level for the last eight years. He has also facilitated an MS support group at RST for the last 18 years. 


Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology


Master of Rehabilitation Technology
Rehabilitation Technology