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Nicole Cecchini became interested in EMS after taking the EMT class at the University of Pittsburgh during her undergraduate in 2005. She completed her paramedic education at the University of Pittsburgh in the Emergency Medicine Program in 2006. She then went on to complete her bachelor's degree in Emergency Medicine in 2007. It was during her senior year in the EM program that she began to tutor the junior students in the paramedic program. She continued to tutor paramedic students for the next two years. Along with tutoring paramedic students she began teaching EMT labs and helping with Paramedic Labs. In 2008, Cecchini left teaching full time to go and work as a full-time paramedic at Mutual Aid Ambulance Service, Inc. in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. In September 2010, Cecchini returned to the University of Pittsburgh as the Clinical Coordinator and Instructor for the Emergency Medicine Program.

Once returning to the Emergency Medicine Program as a full time faculty member she continues to hold Medical command through Mutual Aid Ambulance Service, Inc. She also has become a state evaluator for EMT and Paramedic exams.


Department of Community Health Services and Rehabilitation Science
Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology


Emergency Medicine