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Tyler Fleck is the Senior Department Administrator in the Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology. Fleck joined SHRS in September 2017 but has been a staff member at Pitt since June 2013. In his position, Fleck is responsible for department operations, finance, personnel and research administration in RST, and has knowledge and extensive training in pre award research administration and human resources management. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Pittsburgh in Business Management (Human Resources track) and a Master’s Degree in Higher Education Management (Administration track).

 In addition to his normal responsibilities in RST, Fleck also supports SHRS on various boards and groups. He leads a working group for SHRS staff research administrators and works with Dr. Skidmore, Associate Dean for Research, on communication to staff and faculty regarding research administration updates and news. Fleck was elected by staff across SHRS to serve on the SHRS Planning and Budgeting Committee for a 2-year team (2018 – 2020). He is also a member of the SHRS Staff Advisory Council.


Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology


Master of Rehabilitation Technology
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