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Walt Stoy is a professor in the undergraduate program in Emergency Medicine at SHRS and the director of the Office of Education at the Center for Emergency Medicine. Stoy has a proven track record of national and international project design, development, implementation, and evaluation. Stoy served as Project Director or Principal Investigator in the 1990's to all levels of the National Standard Curriculum for EMS. His efforts with U.S.-DOT National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of these curricula are internationally recognized.

Stoy is internationally renowned for his endeavors in Emergency Medicine and is recognized by his peers as a ground-breaker and national leader in the field of EMS education. He was awarded his Doctorate of Philosophy in Education from the University of Pittsburgh School of Education in Instruction and Learning. He served as the founding President of the National Association of EMS Educators. Stoy has published numerous instructional guides. His educational works using print and visual media impacted the growth and development of EMS. Internationally, he is still sought out to advise on methods to enhance health care systems to improve patient care. 


Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology


Emergency Medicine