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Yong K. Choi, Ph.D., MPH, is an assistant professor in the Department of Health Information Management. With interdisciplinary training in computer science, public health, and biomedical and health informatics, Choi's research focuses on developing and evaluating digital health technologies that support older adults and their family caregivers. He is dedicated to involving individuals and families in the design, development and evaluation of technology tools in his research. Choi's user-centered approach to technology design ensures that the digital health technologies he develops are effective, efficient and easy to use for older adults and their caregivers. His current research explores two main areas: the potential of mobile, social and smart home technologies to support healthy aging-in-place, and the use of artificial intelligence in aging and rehabilitation to improve the rehabilitation process and quality of life for individuals with disabilities.


Department of Health Information Management


Health Informatics (MS)
Health Informatics (BS)