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Our Mission:  

We aim to share thoughts and research, develop teams, organize events, and establish policy. Our goal is to maintain a network of former, current, and future MSPO (Master of Science in Prosthetics and Orthotics) and MRT (Master of Rehabilitation Technology) students as well as interdisciplinary students interested in the progress of the field. In addition, we aim to improve disability studies, assistive technology and health and rehabilitation outcomes through research, education, advocacy, and service through the integration of consumer experiences, engineering, technology, medicine, and clinical practice and services. 

Our Vision:

The vision for the Prosthetics and Orthotics/Rehabilitation Technology Student Organization in the Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology is to drive transformational change in the field of assistive technology and prosthetics and orthotics by developing a diverse, competent, creative, and compassionate workforce through equitable and inclusive education, research, and clinical internships. 

We invite all those willing to contribute to making the University of Pittsburgh the premier center for prosthetics/orthotics and rehabilitation technology. If you have questions or are interested in joining, please feel free to contact us!

Faculty Advisor(s):

Prothetics and Orthotics:

Goeran Fiedler

Goeran Fiedler, Associate Professor  

Rehabilitation Technology:

Mary Goldberg

Mary Goldberg, Asst. Dean for Interprofessional Studies, SHRS; Program Director and Associate Professor, Rehabilitation Technology  

Jonathan Pearlman

Jonathan Pearlman, Chair and Associate Professor, Dept of Rehabilitation Science and Technology 


Student Leadership:   

President: Helena Hall (   

Vice President: Alex Simmons (   

Business Manager: Ally Letavic (  

Social Media: Gillian Munro (  

Secretary: Becca Swaney (  

Fundraising: Marissa Ceaser (  

O&P Class Representative: Kassy Brown (  

RT Class Representatives: Lenice Williams ( and Madeline Lee (  

Lab Liaisons: Nick Gardner ( and Courtney Turnage (  


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