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Changing the trajectory of wellness

In Pitt’s Department of Sports Medicine and Nutrition, there’s a vision for the future. It’s a place where scientists, using contemporary, state-of-the-art practices have the potential to extend the careers of elite athletes and weekend warriors, where human performance optimization translates to injury prevention and military operational success, where exercise and diet help to prevent and manage disease and nutrition information impacts the well-being of the community and informs public policy.

It’s a place where innovative and multidisciplinary research makes an immediate connection to real-world practices. Proof lies in the Department’s growing number of regional, national and international partners as well as the quantity and quality of funding from prestigious organizations such as the National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Defense, NASA and others.

Through the use of technology and collaborative science, the Department of Sports Medicine and Nutrition is improving the quality of life and resiliency of people from all walks of life and abilities today, and championing health and wellness for life.

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