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Important Numbers

  • Pitt Police: Call (412) 624-2121 on non-campus phones, Call 4-2121 on campus phones 
  • SHRS Dean’s Office: (412) 383-6560
  • UPMC Security for Forbes Tower: (412) 647-7440

If you see anyone suspicious, call security immediately (whether it’s during or after business hours), then call the Dean’s Office to report the incident. Also, no one should be soliciting inside the building.

Please keep all valuables locked in Forbes Tower. If you have something stolen, contact Pitt Police and UPMC Security. Then contact the Dean’s Office to report the incident.

University of Pittsburgh Safety Website

For Emergency Situations where you have to call the Paramedics in Forbes Tower:

  • Call: 911 or 9-911 if using an office phone. Give the building name “Forbes Tower” and Meyran and Sennott Streets. Describe the incident.
  • Call UPMC Security: (412) 647-7440. Tell them paramedics are on the way. Give the room number and person involved in emergency.
  • Call Pitt Police: (412) 624-2121 or 4-2121 if using an office phone. Tell them that paramedics have been called. Give location of the incident, etc.
  • Report incident to Dean’s Office: (412) 383-6560.

Emergency Notification Services Link (How to get important University messages on your home or cell phone.)

In case of an evacuation:

Students with special needs or a disability that require accommodations in the event of a building evacuation should e-mail the Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) at to request the development of an individualized evacuation plan. A representative of this office will contact you for specific information. You should also inform your course instructor that you are requesting accommodations for an evacuation.

Other Safety Apps:

The Rave Guardian app is an optional companion safety feature of the upgraded Emergency Notification Service that leverages mobile technology to provide new options for contacting the Pitt Police. 

You may also find these apps beneficial:

  • SOS One Click - Easily send emergency messages to family and friends.
  • ICE - Put your emergency medical contact information on your smartphone's lock screen image overlay display. If you are in an accident, first responders can find your emergency medical contact information as soon as they turn on your smartphone.
  • KiteString - Checks on you when you’re out and alerts your friends if you don’t respond. No smartphone is needed.
  • Safe Trek - Hold a button when in a sketchy situation and when safe, enter deactivation code. If the button is released and no code is sent, 911 is notified.
  • Sirens GPS - One button is used to call police, fire, etc.