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The SAB is the central organization representing SHRS graduate students. It addresses their needs, concerns, and oversees the activities related to the rehabilitation and health sciences. The board aims to bridge knowledge gaps, foster academic growth, and fortify professional and social bonds within the SHRS graduate community.

Faculty Advisor(s):

Dan Fisher

Student Leadership:

Mengjun Wang - President

Amber Lieto - Treasurer

Riya Kanaya Bhatia - Vice-President

Mara Goodman - Secretary

Our Mission:

To actively represent the needs and concerns of the SHRS graduate students, ensure they have a solid platform for expressing their concerns, and provide avenues for the development and sharing of knowledge pertinent to the rehabilitation and health sciences fields.

Our Vision

For the SAB to be recognized as the mainstay of student expression, collaboration, and interdisciplinary development within the SHRS community. We envision a cohesive and interconnected community where every SHRS graduate student feels represented, informed, and connected.

Strategic Plan

Interdisciplinary Event Series

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