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Graduation is not an automatic process, you must submit a Graduation Application. See deadlines below for the term in which you are graduating. Please turn them into student services on the fourth floor of Forbes Tower.   

If you are not on campus you can email your Graduation application to Debby Keelan at, or you can fax it to us at 412-383-6535. Once it has been processed you will receive an email from Debby to confirm. If you do not receive an email within 2-3 business days, please contact Debby to make sure she received it.   

It is the responsibility of the student to note any minors or certificates when submitting their graduation applications to Student Services. See Instructions below deadlines.

Please refer to the deadlines below for submitting a graduation application to SHRS. 

Graduation Application Deadlines

SHRS - April 2017 Graduation Application Deadlines: (Graduation Term - 2174)

We will start accepting applications for APRIL graduates, on October 5th - Last day to apply will be November 11th.

Final Date to submit an application for April will be November 11th! No Exceptions.

SHRS - June 2017 Graduation Application Deadlines: (Graduation Term - 2177) 

June Graduation is reserved for OT students and exceptions approved by the Dean's office.  The OT department will collect all graduation applications by January 13th.  Any other student wishing to graduate in June will need to contact Kellie Beach for approval.

SHRS -August 2017 Graduation Application Deadlines: (Graduation Term - 2177)  

August Graduates will turn in their graduation application in early May.

SHRS - December 2017 Graduation Application Deadlines: (Graduation Term - 2181)  

December Graduates will turn in their graduation application in September.

Certificates received at SHRS

SHRS certificates need to be noted on the SHRS graduation application in order to receive the certificate. (please make a note of it, in the top margin of your graduation application)

Certificates received at another school- Separate Graduation Application required.

If you are graduating with an ARTS& SCIENCE CERTIFICATE you need to fill out a separate graduation application for A&S. You need to go to the A&S office in 140 Thackeray, to fill this out.    

The deadline to apply for a certificate at A&S:

  • April Graduates - The deadline is November 11th.

If you have any question regarding your certificate at A&S, please email Lisa Machi in A&S:

Minors at another school- Included on SHRS Grad app

If you are receiving a minor at another school please make a note of it, in the top margin of your graduation application. We will include it on your application from SHRS.

Dual Degree - Not included on SHRS Grad App

If you are completing a dual degree at another school, you must apply for graduation at that school with a separate graduation application.  Please contact that school or instructions and deadlines.

Application Reminders:

The address that you put on the Graduation Application, should be where you want your diploma mailed after you graduate, please do not use a temporary address. If your address was to change after your apply for graduation, please contact Chazz Williams at to make the necessary changes.

NOTE: Your name on your Graduation Application must be identical to the way it appears on the University's student information system.You will be required to provide legal documentation to change your name. The acceptable documentation is a birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorcedecree, formal court order or a valid passport.

Please do not wait to apply for graduation and pay a fee, even if you are not sure you will graduate. There is no cost to decline your graduation application for a specific term. If you are declined graduation, you will only need to reapply for the next term with a new graduation application


If you are completing a master's thesis or dissertation please visit the Doctoral/Master Thesis Web page for instructions on the ETD process. You must also see Debby Keelan in Room 4022 to obtain your ETD packet.