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Tuition and Fees

For students entering the program in January of 2020, the estimated total cost of tuition, course fees, and mandatory University fees for the entire program for a Pennsylvania resident is $88,638; for an out-of-state resident, the estimated cost is $105,375. 

Information regarding tuition and mandatory University Fees is maintained by the University of Pittsburgh Office of Institutional Research, and information on determining residency status can be found at the Student Payment Center: Pennsylvania Tuition Rate Eligibility site.

This program is completed over six consecutive semesters.  Tuition is determined according to the following factors, as presented by the Office of Institutional Research:

  • Fall and Spring Term Tuition

    • The tuition rates listed as “Full-Time Per Academic Year” represent two semesters of full time study (fall and spring). 
  • Summer Term Tuition

    • All students are billed on a per-credit basis in the Summer Term.  
      • For the Summer Term of year one (didactic year), the tuition is the University per graduate credit rate x 15 credits. 
      • For the Summer Term of year two (clinical year), the tuition is the University per graduate credit rate x 12 credits.

Estimates of Student Expenses

The following links provide estimates of all student costs associated with this program, based on residency status:

Financial Assistance

Financial aid information is available from the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid.

Withdraw/Refund Policies

Information regarding resignation, withdrawal, and Title IV refunds can be found on the following site: Student Payment Center: Tuition Adjustments.