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  • Integrates technology, point of care resources, for the most current evidence to support patient management decisions and patient education
  • Demonstrates the understanding of available funding resources and payment systems in covering patient care expenses
  • Demonstrates skill in navigating the various data gathering technology tools in locating patient information, patient documentation, used in the health care setting (EMRs)
  • Demonstrates the background knowledge and compliance with policies that protect patient confidentiality (HIPAA)
  • Recognizes when and who to refer a patient to for additional evaluation and management by another HCP or services to improve the patient’s QOL
  • Practices cost effective care by being a good steward of healthcare finances, technology, facilities, and human resources
  • Orders appropriate referrals, partners with other health care practitioners to deliver needed services to improve patient quality of life

Reference Competencies for the Physician Assistant Profession. AAPA. (2010)