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Studemnt practicing suturing

The Physician Assistant Studies curriculum is comprised of a rigorous 24-month Master of Science program. The goals and objectives of our program are guided by the criteria set forth in the Standards and Guidelines for an Accredited Educational Program for the Physician Assistant as established by ARC-PA. The first three semesters (12 months) are made up of classroom instruction. All courses are sequential and must be passed in order to proceed through the curriculum. The second year is the clinical phase. Course content is presented through traditional lecture, integrated instruction, case-based and hands-on skills labs. The curriculum is presented by practicing physician assistants, medical and surgical physicians, and providers who have the expertise in their respective specialty.

Each course in the program is offered only once during the academic year, therefore, any departure from completing a course in its planned sequence (e.g. failure to receive a passing grade of 'C' or better; leave of absence from program) will result in a one year delay in completing the course, the remaining program requirements, and year of graduation.

Didactic Component (Year One)

Semester 1: Course - Credits

Semester Total Credits: 15

Semester 2: Course - Credits

Semester Total Credits: 15

Semester 3: Course - Credits

Semester Total Credits: 15

Year One Total Credits: 45

Clinical Component  (Year Two)

The schedules presented in Semesters 4, 5 and 6 below are examples. The actual clinical schedule and order that a student will complete each identified clinical rotation may vary.   

Semester 4: Course - Credits

Semester Total Credits: 12

Semester 5: Course - Credits

Semester Total Credits: 12

Semester 6: Course - Credits

Semester Total Credits: 13

Year Two Total Credits: 37

Program Credits Total: 82